When I speak with District residents the top three concerns that are brought up are traffic, traffic and traffic.... It is clearly the single biggest challenge for the community at this time. The good news is we have a plan to address the main problem, the east - west flow of traffic around the Second Narrows Bridge head.  For the past three years I have been the Council liaison to the MOTI Community Advisory Working Group for the Highway Interchanges program. Citizen volunteers from all the surrounding neighborhoods helped vet ideas and offer solutions to this major problem, the bane of transportation on the North Shore.  

Below is one suggestion that came out of that process and may form part of the solution. The grand plan is large, expensive and will take time to implement but the DNV has already committed to solve this problem and is moving forward with the acquisition of the Keith Lynn School site, building the Keith Road extension and replacing the Keith Road Bridge in 2015.  If you have question about the plan, call me and I will explain the ideas in greater detail.  

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Roger Bassam

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Traffic Improvements

The District recently purchased the Keith Lynn school site form the NVSD. This purchase is a key piece to the Second Narrows Interchanges Project and will eventually allow for a new highway off ramp to replace the Fern Street exit. This is part of a $140 Million plan to address the chronic traffic congestion at the bridge.


The Official Community Plan Bylaw 7900, 2011, received final adoption by District Council at a Special Meeting on Monday June 27, 2011. This was a momentous step that marked the completion of an eventful two year OCP community engagement process and the beginning of implementation of the OCP vision and policies. For more information go to


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