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Cover Story: Feeling Congested

Maria Spitale-Leisk 
September 26, 2013 01:00 AM

Bassam is the district's liaison to the Highway 1 Interchange Design Working Group. He has spent the past year brainstorming alongside Ministry of Transportation consultants, staff representatives from both North Van municipalities, technical experts such as architects and engineers and citizen representations from the affected neighbourhoods. - See more at:

TransLink looks to update Phibbs Exchange    

Brent Richter / North Shore News 
August 24, 2014 12:00 AM - See more at:

District of North Vancouver Coun. Roger Bassam said he welcomes the project to improve what is today a "horrible facility."
"It's really dated. It provides no weather protection. It's not well lit. I know people who always have some concern about feeling a little bit unsafe in there at night. It's hard to get to from a pedestrian aspect," he said. "It's obviously a huge opportunity for us to make public transportation a little bit more enjoyable in North Vancouver."
- See more at:


Metro Vancouver politicians peer into recycling abyss, warn of landfilling 'Plan B'


North Vancouver District Coun. Roger Bassam Said Metro Might Have To Shift Much Of The Cost Of Its Waste Management System Directly Onto Property Taxes "So We Can Drive The Tipping Fees Down To The Point Where There Is No Economic Incentive To Leave The Region And Win The Battle That Way." 

A load of garbage is lifted inside Metro Vancouver's waste incinerator in south Burnaby. Metro wants to ban commercial haulers from taking garbage out of the region.

— Image Credit: Black Press File Photo




District of North Vancouver bylaw prohibits strata corporations from restricting rentals

Rental Housing Bylaw

Municipal council of the the District of North Vancouver adopted a bylaw in April, 2013 that states no strata council may enact bylaws that restrict the amount of units that can be rented in a development.

From the North Shore News:

The goal of the change is to maintain a healthy stock of rental housing options in the district, since few purpose-built rental buildings have been constructed since the 1970s, and existing ones are threatened by redevelopment with new condos.

“I think this policy addition . . . is going to go a long way to ensuring a viable rental stock in the future,” said Coun. Roger Bassam. “I’m looking forward to the results of this in 20 years when my kids are looking for an apartment.”

We must audit RCMP costs 


Dear Editor:

In response to the Oct. 5 letter, The Community Is the Police, from my colleague, Coun. Doug MacKay-Dunn, I feel some clarity would benefit the community.

The RCMP has served our community well, albeit not flawlessly, and is effective in combating crime. The Mounties also represent a tremendous value from a financial standpoint.


Paving the way

By Sean Kolenko - North Shore Outlook
Published: January 26, 2011 1:00 PM
Updated: January 28, 2011 2:15 PM

It will likely be one of the largest infrastructure projects the District of North Vancouver takes on. And, rightfully so. Something has to be done. Pinning your hopes, day in and day out, on nothing going wrong on the Second Narrows Bridge isn’t realistic.


Fees on milk bad for families

By Corrie Kost, North Shore News  Sept. 28 2011

In reference to the Sept. 16 North Shore News story Got Milk? Maybe You Gotta Have a Deposit, I agree with District of North Vancouver Coun. Roger Bassam that the staff proposal to support a deposit on milk containers constitutes a tax.


Between the Lions Gate Bridge and Deep Cove there are 12 kilometres and 12 municipal boundaries where one government ends and another begins.

The order goes something like: West Vancouver, Squamish Nation, North Vancouver district, North Vancouver city, Squamish, city, district, Squamish, district, Tsleil-Waututh Nation, a co-managed Cates Park, and district again at Deep Cove.

It’s easy not to notice when a line has been crossed; some of them cut right through shopping malls and apartment blocks. But when it comes to voting rights, taxation and representation, those lines could spell clear trouble for some residents. 


Rob Newell photo

North Vancouver District council says demolish house built without permits

By Kerry Blackadar, North Shore News
September 16, 2011

DISTRICT of North Vancouver council has voted unanimously to deny a development variance permit for an addition to a house on Capilano Road, rejecting the opportunity for the home owner to bring the structure into compliance with the municipality's zoning bylaws.

"We made every effort to stop it and bring the whole process into compliance and that is not the situation we find ourselves in," said Coun. Roger Bassam, indicating his support of the motion to deny the development variance permit.



Pot dispensary to open despite opposition

District of North Vancouver to ban sale of marijuana without federal authorization


A North Vancouver medical marijuana activist says he will open a cannabis dispensary in Deep Cove this weekend despite efforts by the municipality to quash his plans.

But district Coun. Roger Bassam said the municipality had to step in because of the impact the dispensary would have on the surrounding neighbourhood. A staff report issued to council ahead of last week's meeting raised the spectre of increased noise, traffic, loitering, crime and drug trafficking in the event the shop was allowed to open.

The district has received more than 175 emails from residents opposed to the dispensary -- versus just two voicing support -- since the News article ran, said Bassam.

"People just aren't comfortable with that sort of a business opening up in what is essentially a residential community," he said. "If there were a bona fide need for medical marijuana in the District of North Vancouver . . . I would think Vancouver Coastal Health would be on it."



District council mulls milk returns

By Todd Coyne - North Shore Outlook
Published: September 14, 2011 12:00 PM
Updated: September 14, 2011 12:17 PM

The District of North Vancouver will ask the province to consider attaching a refundable deposit to milk containers. 

District council voted 5-2 in support of writing a letter to B.C.’s environment minister Terry Lake, asking the province to expand its container deposit and refund program to include all milk containers and those of dairy substitutes like soy and rice beverages.


VIDEO: 2011 BC Midget C Girls' Fastpitch Tournament Opening Ceremonies

North Shore News July 11, 2011

On Friday July 8th North Vancouver’s McCartney Park was the setting for the 2011 BC Provincial Girls Midget C Fastpitch tournament opening ceremonies. MLA Jane Thornthwaite and acting North Vancouver District Mayor Roger Bassam threw out the ceremonial first pitches.



District of North Vancouver supports Metro plan if . . .

North Shore News - October 06, 2010

...This is one of those classic examples of higher government creating a crisis financially for municipalities," Coun. Roger Bassam said. "The senior government needs to be at the table right now." 

DNV staff want parks closed after 10pm

North Shore News - November 12, 2010 the closure of public property," said Coun. Roger Bassam. "It's a complete violation of individual rights...minor vandalism." Coun. Mike Little agreed with Bassam, stating that a wide sweeping closure bylaw would fail...
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The District of North Vancouver is opening the way for electric vehicle use across the municipality.

The District has created an advisory working group to assist the Ministry of Transportation in developing the Second Narrows bridgehead interchange. I am pleased to be the Council representative on that group and look forward to seeing this long due project break ground. 

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